Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Summer Fighting Tips

For all these days the weather has been very hot and humid. On top of every thing the Submission are going on and the deadliest end semester is in the pipeline and to worsen the scenario there is this load shedding in the hostel. So most of the students catch fever.Here are few home tip or what we sayDADI MAA KE NUSKHE to fight the heat:

When you come from sun just sit down for sometime so the sweat gets dried up(never sit in front of fan when u are drenched in sweat) , then take an onion and crush it and apply the juice allover the body especially on head and the toe ,if the eyes are straining you can apply it on the eyelids too but do take care that it don't go in the eyes or else it would cause great irritation and pain.And please don't drink unfiltered water or even the ice that we get at the juice center.During the afternoon time always keep an onion with you so you would not catch "loo".

Take care of health people..


Hey people just seee this video and tell is it real sportsman ship from indian cricket team http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAbWWXY0EGw&feature=PlayList&p=164FA059DA3F427B&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=19

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Now its my final semester and in mechanical engineering we have to undergo a project.So i have been given a project called "PENDULUM PUMP".The idea is to use a pendulum and a lever to reduce the effort required to pump water from hand pump.
We have made the provision for four foundation bolts in the frame so as to make the foundation rigid (just to tell you about the foundation bolts, these are very strong special bolts that are used to fix big machines to ground, and our project is far too small in comparison with these machines so four are more than sufficient) So from this discussion an idea came out


It would be based on the law of generation of energy stating "Energy can be generated in due course of time"

Working:- The pump would be packed and send to the moon where all the foundation bolts would be digged in and the pump would be fixed.Then the suction pipe would be brought back to earth.The suction pipe would be then dipped into the Pacefic Ocean.Now we know that there is full vaccum on the moon so once the pendulum is given the motion it will keep on moving till eternity and thus the water would be continuously pumped from the earth to the moon.Also there would be a series of propellers fixed to the suction pipe moving the pipe in the opposite direction of the rotation of the earth and with the same velocity such that it would always keep the pipe dipped in the ocean.

1. As we know due to the global warming the polar ice is melting and the water level is rising and as aeffect of these the sea shore areas are sinking,so this pump would reduce the this effect by sending the water directly to space.
2.As population is increasing there is lots of congestion on earth so once the water reaches the moon it would open the doors for the rehabitalisation of human being up there.
3.Research centers could be developed and thus would open a new job oppurtunity even in this recession period.
4.As there is no oxygen on Moon thus the pump being made from mild steel wont get oxidizes and so it would be corrosion resistant and maintenance free.

At some point of time during the life time of the pump,the propellers attached to the suction pipe can be turned off and thus it would wrap the whole world in 24 hours(as this is the time required for the earth to complete on rotation)and thus by measuring the length of the pipe we would be able to determine the exact diameter of the earth.

Thus i appeal to every one to take active participation in making this social global task a real time success and thus lend their helping hand for more improvisation of the project as



I was struggling to get a software company against my name.Sometimes i could not able to crack the aptitude test in some cases the group discussion or even the personal interviews.
But as it is said no one can change his destiny i got placed in the last software company that came to our college during the software placement month.
Astonishingly this time it was very simple as if cutting the butter with knife just one pain i was the last to be interviewed and it was at 12midnight.For the first time after a long wait i was there in the list


Friday, March 27, 2009



This was the second software company where i managed to reach the interview round. As usual it was late at around 8.30pm and was very hungry and frustrated so i keep asking the training and placement class representatives about my turn.After a long while one said it is after half an hour.So i got relaxed and took one of my friend's cell and started playing game, just after 5minutes someone called my name and said its you now.i was not really prepared i searched my file which i could not remember where i have kept.I found it in one of my friend's bag.Then i went in to the cabin without a tie.
The interviewer welcomed me and asked for my file then as he was opened the file two rough pages were kept in the front strip(actually i kept those for the GD and forgot to take out).He just gazed at me and gave a grim smile.then he asked me a simple question" tell the angle between two hands of a clock at 3:15pm ."

I knew the answer as he has asked the same question to the students who came before me but still i pretended to calculate and while i was doing so he was going through my certificates. Just as i was about to tell him the answer he looked at me and said "YOU FAILED IN TWO EXAMS"
He then showed me the mark sheet "THEN WHAT IS THIS??"
This is when i remembered that it was my friend's mark sheet which he told me to collect from his department two days back and i kept it in my file and forgot to take it out.So i replied "THAT'S MY FRIEND"S MARK SHEET, ACTUALLY I HAVE KEPT MY FILE IN THE DRAWING HALL AND MY FRIEND MIGHT HAVE KEPT IT IN"
Even though i lied but it could not save me and then he went on asking few re questions and then the result as usual


Hey people sorry for not blogging all these months. But let us start again from my campus interview days. As i have already jolted about my first encounter with the interviews,next in the pipeline was
ITC Ltd.(Indian Tobacco Company)Interview

Actually i did sit for the pre-placement talk given by those people but discovered that the package was too low and also the posting is somewhere in Bihar.So i just gave the aptitude test for the sake of some of my friends who wanted some help in technical section(i am not very good at this but people think the other way around).So although i ticked lots of wrong answers i don't know how i got shortlisted for the Group Discussion(G.D.) round?First i thought of skipping the round but the the students told me that they can blacklist me for doing so,so frightened i sat for the G.D.
Fortunately mine was the 2nd group.
i went inside the seminar hall with 7 more students.There were two people who conducted the GD We were given a case study depicting the scenario of a modern city that how city is being polluted by the household and industrial wastage.Our Job was to tell how we can create awareness amongst the people for improving this condition.

So i had pre decided to keep mum all through the GD,i did the same.the rest of the people(Except me and three more students) kept speaking for five min then suddenly the HR intervened
"stop!! why aren't you four people not speaking any thing and you(pointing towards me), you have a very good CGPA and also good extra curricular why don't you say anything??"

Now i was terrified that if i dont say anything now, they would sack me for giving negative GD.So i said making an innocent and grim face, showing him that i am very frightened
"Sir MUJHE BHASHA KI TAAKLIF HAIN (i have language problem)"
he replied "It doesn't matter speak in any language you are comfortable with" and ordered "now only these four people would speak and the rest would keep quite"

And then there was a pin drop silence as if we were gathered on a graveyard for a funeral.I stared at others and nobody was starting so i started

"Aap logo ne jo nirnay nikala hain woh bilkul sahi hain. hame janta mein jagruti ke liye aisi sangathnaon ki rachna karni hogi jo logo mein paryavaran ke taraf dhyan dene ke liya protsahan bhaday,tab hi hamara samaj ek manch par aakar is duvidha ka samna kar sakta hain"(i really said this really)
Throughout my whole speech i took full care not to utter any english word and yes also not the laugh(which was the hardest as i cant control it),even the students sitting beside me(Parag dani, Asmita belonde to name a few)were also controlling their laugfter. Then in couple of minutes it(GD) was over finally.

As soon as we came out of the hall everyone in my group brusted in laugfter as if we came out of the room full of laugfing gas and the others were just staring.We setteled down in dew minutes. Just when i thought it was over someone came from behind and said "THE HR IS CALLING YOU"
I became numb and walked very slow towards the HR. He was the same who took my GD.When i went closer he just kept his arm arount my neck as if a python grabbing its meal and said

"why didn't you said anything, you have given us no chance to judge you.TUM AAJ NAHI BOLOGE TOH KAB BOLOGE. You remind me of my childhood,actually i too was a shy boy.Once in 3rd grade i went to a maths tutor for coaching bit he rejected me because i was not good at it, since then i studied very hard and now reached this position."
he became so emotional that i thought he might take me but fortunately he didn't.
Thus after this encounter everyone started teasing me

Thursday, July 3, 2008

oNE OF THEmost happening day of my Engg LIFE

Hi everey1 2 3 4.................
The thing m joltin down is my journey in d campus placements. I hv nw gt placed in Capgemini [however Donno its correct pronounciation ;)] . Jst go through d Exciment.
Story starts bk when d first company came in d coleg, TCS. i got thru d apti , ws very lucky though. Then d Ti and Pi was scheduled on other day. they cald us at 8am in mornin and when my turn came fr d Ti it was 4pm, very frusted and tired i enterd in d prediator's cel(tats what i cn cal it) with a fake smile.
intrwer :hello, plz hav a seat, hw do u feel nw?
i:so wanna dring water(Pointing towards d bisleri botl kept on his table).
m:(with a grinning smile)sir, the Bottle is empty. its k fr me.
i:(amused by my answ, nw strtd lookin toward d door )so, tel me about yourslf?
m:(confidently,jst strtd flowiing like "d nose when v get cough and cold")M a bit cheerful and a lot naughty boy.(sudden stop as d intrw jst intrptd0
i:(Confused and curious, nw staring at me as "a vulture on his prey")what do u mean by "naughty".
m:(casuallly) i crack jokes at people and my friends.
i:so u wud go out and crack jokes on me 2.
m: Obviously!
m:(simling)Obviously not sir!!!!
this is d point wen he strtd d series of technical ques, i answerd a few, then it ws over.
and den d result came, and guess what i gt cleared.
then ws myHR round .
it ws 6pm in my clock and i was unrestlessly waitin fr my i had 2 look fr my shoes which 1 of my friend took away frm me fr his HR bt he nevr came, here i go in wearing a sandle ,there were 2 persons a guy (lokin totally frustated)and a lady (in a yellow salwar) and d story reveils as
HR:hav a seat.
me: gud evenin , thank you.
HR:(frowned as if had a fight with his wife ) tell me bout urslf.
me:sir i m ---- (suddenly intrupted)
HR:u know what is entropy of universe.
me:(Confused )sir...i m very poor at thermodynamics.
HR:k. whic book u referd fr c programin.
me: kanitkar.
HR:then he threw atleast 10 names of author for C programing, 1 by 1 and i kept saying no no no no...
ans then some more ws asked which i tried 2 answer.
and it ws over.

then d result came in @11pm @ the same nite,they selected 213 students frm our coleg (really feel they brought trucks with them 2 take d peoples). and i ws left to wait fr d next shipment..
plz do write sm comments as what i hav shared i sreally a true story nt a fake buzz